Say goodbye to confusion, time-consuming data analysis and non-performing tools.

1. Unstructured data 2. Large amounts of data mean tedious, time-consuming searching 3. Sound decisions are not possible due to a lack of analysis 4. Hardly any key figures enable comparisons 5. Little insight into business processes

Our Solution Approach

We advise you based on your goals and develop a customized BI solution that brings order to your data.

1. Structured data 2. Industry and expertise 3. Tailor-made solutions 4. Strong performance packages 5. Suitable solution for every problem

Your Solution from PPMC

We visualize and present your data in a context-sensitive manner via your individualized dashboard.

1. Anytime, anywhere access to your current data 2. Improved planning quality 3. Easy to use 4. Comprehensive reporting and analysis

Advantages and Benefits

Reasons why you should rely on BI

Rapid and better decisions

Improve planning quality

Easy Learning –
faster benefit

Fast, up-to-date and mobile (available anytime, anywhere)

Reduce costs – increase trust in the data

Improve business processes – create awareness

Integrated solution: dashboard, analysis and reporting

Flexible Analytics: unlimited number of metrics

Why customers appreciate us


We are:


  • A Certified Qlik Solution Provider
  • Your partner for business intelligence and planning solutions with Qlik
  • The specialists for Qlik-based analysis and reporting applications
  • Very familiar with the development level of the Qlik product family

“The determination of the sales figures per cable network partner involved an effort of two person days each quarter. With Qlik, all it takes is the push of a button.”


Stefan Frei
Project Manager, Electricity and water works of the city of Buchs

“Using QlikView facilitated our abilty to easily consolidate MES and ERP data for the first time and, enabling us to increase the evaluation flexibility. We now have optimized production control and have an effective control tool available. “


Martin Schegg
Head of Global Operations, PLASTON AG

“Previously, we put together tables with a lot of manual labor using different raw data macros. Today, the data is automatically available. QlikView was precisely the answer to our initial question. How can we help ourselves with data in the specialist departments as simply as possible?”


Tobias Fuchs
Head of Sales Controlling, Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG

“Decisive for our cooperation with ppmc were the regional anchoring and the competent advice. Requirements are not only implemented, they are also actively developed, and alternative solutions are indicated as well. We recommend ppmc on the basis of their expertise, flexibility, competent contact persons and their positive cooperation.”


Manuel Elkuch
Elkuch Josef AG

“QlikView has demonstrated its advantage in the offset printing operations of Schwarzach GmbH. It helps us in having company numbers available quickly and transparently. This creates a thorough understanding and contributes to informed decision-making in key areas of the business.”


Ralph Joser
CFO Offsetdruckerei, Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach GmbH

“With Qlik, we are able to intervene much faster and more accurately when there are deviations in drivers of sales, quantities and costs.”


Markus Dürnberger
responsible for cross-company financial projects, Rupp AG

“QlikView has become an integral part of our daily work –en the primary tool in some departments. The software gives us enhanced transparency. If you want to merge and analyze data from different systems, QlikView is the ideal tool.”


Dion Barelds
Head of Finance and Controlling, Dorner Electronic GmbH

“The knowledge generated by virtue of using QlikView via targeted evaluations has set a real milestone in decision-making.”


Guntram Meusburger
Owner and Managing Director Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG

“With QlikView, we can now access daily up-to-date data and flexibly analyze it merely at the touch of a button ad-hoc. That’s no comparison at all to the limited possibilities we had experienced before with Excel.”


Jürgen Schwarzmann
CFO, Pantec Engineering AG


qualified Employees


years of experience


satisfied costumers


successful projects


licensed users

Advantages and Benefits

Our business intelligence applications create benefits

Fast, flexible visual presentation of in-memory analysis

Representation in proven D.A.R. scheme (dashboard analysis row)

Rapid implementation of the program, short training

Program runs on a central server – access via any browser

Windows User Management – specific data allocation for users

Up-to-date and archivable data – analyses possible even over longer periods of time

Get quick response on all devices via detailed dashboards

Interactive dashboards yield new insights

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